Thermal Flame, Plasma Flame, and Arc Spray Coating Services

bbc offers a variety of thermal flame spray coating services. bbc coating services include plasma flame spray, flame spray, twin wire arc spray and thermo spray. Materials in powder form can be applied utilizing plasma flame spray and the thermo flame spray processes. The powders are available in a wide variety of materials including tungsten carbide, molybdenum, silicon, aluminum oxide and many others. The flame spray and twin wire arc spray processes utilize materials in wire form. Wire form materials include copper, aluminum, stainless steel and many others. Plasma flame spray, flame spray, twin wire arc spray and thermo flame spray coatings can be applied to a variety of substrates. Thermal flame spray coatings can enhance substrate surfaces and provide thermal barrier, dielectric barriers, wear resistant, abrasive resistant, grip surfaces and many more. bbc provides complete inspection services to ensure compliance with customer prints and specifications. bbc can provide Thermal flame spray coating service for research and development, proto-type or production projects. Contact bbc to discuss the process and materials right for your project.

bbc is an FAA approved Repair Station; Repair Station # BK3R400L.

bbc Specialized Services Ratings:

Metal Spray / Plasma Spray


ASTM 2437 as revised

Additional services provided by bbc include; hard chrome plating, precision grinding, CNC machining, machinery repair, roll & shaft manufacture & repair, non destructive testing, dynamic balancing, bead and grit blasting, welding including, MIG, TIG and ARC.

For more information about our thermal flame spray coating capabilities, or any of the other services we provide, please contact bbc.


Thermal Flame Spray Coating Capabilities:


Plasma Flame Spray: The Plasma Flame Spray process utilizes an electric arc and a combination of gases to produce a very hot high speed heat source. Powder is injected into the heat source and deposited onto the substrate. Tungsten Carbide, Chrome Oxide, Aluminum Oxide, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Nickel, and hundreds of other powders can be sprayed utilizing the Plasma Flame Spray Process.

Flame Spray: The Flame Spray Process utilizes a compressed air source, a fuel gas and oxidizing gas (Acetylene and Oxygen) to produce a heat source. A wire is pulled through a gun and the heat source and blown onto the substrate. Copper, Aluminum, Molybdenum, Stainless Steel and many other materials in wire form are available for the Flame Spray Process.

Twin Wire Arc: The Twin Wire Arc Spray process utilizes a DC power supply, compressed air source and two wires pulled through a gun. The wires exit the gun and form an arc, the arc melts the wires and the compressed air source pushes the molten material onto the substrate. Many metals are available in wire form for use with the Twin Wire Arc Spray process.

Thermo Spray: The Thermo Flame Spray process utilizes a fuel gas and oxidizing gas (Acetylene and Oxygen) to produce a heat source. Powder is injected into the heat source and blown onto the substrate. The process is used to spray many powder form materials.


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Hard Chrome Plating
Precision Grinding
Welding including MIG, TIG, and ARC
Dynamic Balance
Shot Peen
Grit Blasting

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FAA approved Repair Station #BK3R400L

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