bbc Specialized Services Provided to the Aviation & Aerospace Industry

Industrial hard chrome plating, plasma flame spray, flame spray, twin wire arc spray, magnetic particle inspection and fluorescence penetrant inspection processes are the FAA approved specialized services used by bbc for processing of aviation related components. bbc is FAA REPAIR STATION #BK3R400L.

bbc manuals have been developed in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations Part 145 (FAR 145)

Listed below are the FAA approved Limited Ratings – Specialized Services provided by bbc.

bbc Limited Ratings – Specialized Services

bbc Specialized Services Ratings:


Chrome Plating

AMS 2460 as revised
AMS 2406 as revised

Metal Spray / Plasma Spray

AMS 2437 as revised

Magnetic Particle Inspection

ASTM E 1444 as revised

Liquid Penetrant Inspection

ASTM E 1417 as revised

Aircraft and aviation components include; prop shaft, rear carrier, front bearing support, turbine tie bolt, main drive gear, rear turbine bearing cage, reduction gearbox shafts, outer shaft, prop brake outer member, pinion gear and many other components are processed utilizing bbc FAA approved Limited Ratings – Specialized Services.

Contact bbc to discuss if we can provide your aircraft and aviation component processing services utilizing bbc Limited Ratings – Specialized Services.