Hard Chrome Plating Services

bbc Company provides hard chrome plating services to industries including the semiconductor industry, food processing industry, aviation industry, printing industry, water pollution control plants, solar product manufacturers and many more. bbc provides hard chrome plating services for repair of existing components or for manufacture of new components. bbc provides hard chrome plating services for research and development, prototype and production. Hard chrome plating thicknesses of .0001’’ for corrosion protection to .050’’ thickness for rebuild of used components are provided. Since established in 1945 bbc has continually refined its hard chrome plating processes. Products hard chrome plated by bbc include hydraulic ram shafts, die parts, spiral feed molds, coater rolls, housings, water treatment plant components, bearing diameters and conveyor components to name a few. bbc provides hard chrome plating for buildup of worn or new components, wear surfaces, low friction and corrosion protection.

Additional services provided by bbc include precision grinding, machining, thermal flame spray including plasma flame spray, flame spray and twin wire arc spray, welding including MIG, TIG and ARC, cast Babbitt, dynamic balance and shot peen. Contact bbc with your hard chrome plating projects.

bbc is an FAA approved Repair Station:

Repair Station # BK3R400L

bbc Specialized Services Ratings:

Chrome Plating


AMS 2460 as revised and AMS 2406 as revised

AMS-QQ-C-320 is a cancelled specification. AMS 2460 and AMS 2406 as revised are current hard chrome plating specifications. AMS 2460 is intended to replace AMS-QQ-C-320.

For more information about our precision hard chrome plating capabilities, or any of the other services we provide please contact bbc


Hard Chrome Plating Capabilities:


Industrial Hard Chrome Plating


AMS 2460 as revised
AMS 2406 as revised

Additional Services

Precision Grinding
Thermal Flame Spray including Plasma Flame Spray, Flame Spray,
Twin Wire Arc Spray
Welding including MIG, TIG and ARC
Dynamic Balance
Shot Peen
Cast Babbitt

Production Volume

Research and Development


Magnetic Particle Inspection
Liquid Penetrant Inspection
Complete Inspection Department


National Metal Finishers Association Member
Surface Technology Association Member


FAA approved Repair Station #BK3R400L

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