Plasma Flame Spraying of Ceramic Coatings

bbc provides plasma flame spray of ceramic coatings. Plasma sprayed ceramic coatings can provide substrate surface enhancements for wear resistance, thermal barriers, dielectric barriers, light absorbing and more. bbc provides as sprayed, finish ground and lapped ceramic coatings. bbc provides plasma sprayed ceramic coatings to many industries including; semiconductor equipment, laser manufacture, food processing equipment, water pollution control plant, solar manufacture and more. In addition to plasma flame spray services bbc provides the following: flame spray, twin wire arc spray, machining, precision grinding, honing, welding including MIG, TIG and ARC, dynamic balance and shot peen. bbc plasma flame sprayed ceramics include aluminum oxide, chrome oxide, zirconium oxide, titanium dioxide, alumina titania and more. Ceramics are only one of the many material types that can be sprayed with the plasma flame spray process, additional materials include tungsten carbide, tungsten, molybdenum, silicon, nickel and more.

bbc is an FAA approved Repair Station; Repair Station #BK3R400L.

bbc Specialized Services Ratings:


Chrome Plating

AMS 2460 as revised
AMS 2406 as revised

Metal Spray / Plasma Spray

AMS 2437 as revised

Magnetic Particle Inspection

ASTM E 1444 as revised

Liquid Penetrant Inspection

ASTM E 1417 as revised

bbc can provide plasma flame spray services for your research and development, prototype or production projects. Contact bbc for all of your plasma flame spray projects.