Quality and Certifications

Babbitt Bearing Company (bbc) is committed to quality and precision. We understand that our customers need their manufacturing and repair work executed to exacting standards. Our staff of highly skilled and professional technicians and inspectors work with our customers to insure their expectations are met and exceeded.

bbc is an FAA approved Repair Station; Repair Station #BK3R400L.

bbc Quality Manual, Repair Station Manual and Employee Training Programs have been developed in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulation Part 145 (FAR 145)

bbc FAA approved Limited Ratings – Specialized Services

bbc Specialized Services Ratings:


Hard Chrome Plating

AMS 2460 as revised
AMS 2406 as revised

Metal Spray / Plasma Spray

AMS 2437 as revised

Magnetic Particle Inspection

ASTM 1444 as revised

Liquid Pentrant Inspection

ASTM 1417 as revised