Cast and Flame Spray Repair and Manufacture of Babbitt Bearings

bbc has been casting and flame spraying babbitt bearings since 1945. bbc provides cast and flame sprayed babbitt bearings to many industries including the power generation industry, oil refineries, and scale train concessions. bbc utilizes additional in-house capabilities to provide a one stop source for babbitt bearing repair and manufacture. bbc additional capabilities include machining, precision grinding, hard chrome plating, thermal flame spray including plasma flame spray, flame spray, twin wire arc spray, welding including MIG, TIG, and ARC, honing, dynamic balance and shot peen.

bbc is an FAA approved Repair Station; Repair Station #BK3R400L.

bbc Specialized Services Ratings:


Chrome Plating

AMS 2460 as revised
AMS 2406 as revised

Metal Spray / Plasma Spray

AMS 2437 as revised

Magnetic Particle Inspection

ASTM E 1444 as revised

Liquid Penetrant Inspection

ASTM E 1417 as revised

Please contact bbc for more information about our cast and flame spray babbitt bearing repair and manufacture capabilities or any of the other services we provide.